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CLEAN – What was that again? 

In today’s prompt, WordPress is encouraging all subscribed bloggers to post something around the following topic:  CLEAN. No problem, I can do that, even though I harldy remember what this word means. So I looked it up:

CLEAN – it is a condition where something is free from dirt, marks, or stains.

Isn’t it ironic that all I do is to CLEAN all day long and yet nothing is ever free from dirt, marks, or stains?!

Riiiight, it’s because I am a mother. Of two boys. Three in fact. The husband is no better than the rest. Worse in fact, as he is their coach. And mentor. And imparts all his wisdom on how to keep things everything BUT clean.

So there is me, home alone, with three boys, CLEANING. Today, tomorrow and the day after that. CLEANING my ass off, every single day! It’s like brushing your teeth while eating chocolate. Nothing is ever clean, by definition.
When you take out the washing of the washing machine, you’d think it’s clean –  but it’s not. Sure the dirt is gone, but what about the stains. They just don’t go away. Once a stain, it will always remain.

See what the word CLEAN does to me, “it is diriving me crahazy”. And you know what’s even more crazy? That I had actually booked someone to come to my house today – to help me CLEAN. Yes, today. On today’s Prompt CLEAN day.

And you know what happened then? I CLEANed the whole house because I was so embarrassed that this – to me totally unknown – CLEANing person would show up today and see the house in such an unkempt state – full of dirt, marks and stains.

You think I am crazy? Sure! we have established this already!  But take that. No CLEANing person ever showed up here today – and who is laughing now?!

My house is CLEAN – well, except for the dirt, the marks and the stain – but this will always remain – so what you gonna do…

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