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Repurposed: Our beautiful new living room decor

Needless to say that my (toddler)son is absolutely crazy about this “Disney Cars” drinking bottle, as most boys in his age would be. 

Unfortunately the bottle can no longer be used for its original purpose, because the rubber band that you have to fit around the bottle neck before putting the lid, ripped, causing it to leak. The only reason why I didn’t yet throw it out is because it is a gift from Japan and well, because my son likes it so much. Nevertheless, I have often decided to throw it out as my kitchen cupboard merely can’t fit anything anymore that is not fulfilling any real purpose. 

Today I felt that it was time to bring some color and spring feeling into the house so I picked up this small bunch of tulips. What I hadn’t remembered was that my tulip vase has split into 1000 pieces the last time I had wanted to buy some. 

Looking all around for something to fit the flowers, I found my son’s bottle in the cupboard and decided to repurpose it, and thus justifying its place in the kitchen cupboard.

So here we are, beautiful flowers in a beautiful vase – because beauty always lies in the eyes of the person looking at it. And clearly, my son enjoys as much as me, this new beautiful decor in the living room. That’s what I call: successfully #repurposed and Friday’s mission accomplished. 

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