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A (love) letter to my boys  

Valentine’s Day! For many probably one of the worst days of the year – because I almost don’t know anyone who doesn’t (at least secretly) have some kind of expectations and what is supposed to be the most romantic and love-filled day of the year in someone’s head, can very quickly turn into one of the saddest or most frustrating day of the year if those images end up just staying within that someone’s head.

I may be an exception to that rule as I really and truly don’t give anything about Valentine’s Day (or at least so I say to myself). Luckily, because if I did, I would probably end up being one of those people that have to mark this day as the biggest frustration in their calendar as with Papa habibi I didn’t exactly marry Romeo who would take me out for a romantic dinner with red roses and candlelight. Not being romantic may not be the main reason why I love him so much but actually, there are quite a few other – far more important – reasons. Two of them share every day with us – one of them since 3 1/2 years and the other one for almost 5 months. And that’s gotta count for something, right?! And because my three boys are the most important thing in my life – and in the everyday chaos we never really take the time to celebrate our L.O.V.E. – today’s post is 1) dedicated just to those four letters – to an absolute sickening sobbing extent – and 2) in German as well English, to make sure that all my boys understand me and because for once I don’t have to hide what I am really writing about  😉

Love letter number 1:

To my dear Papa Habibi,

We are in our 7th year of being together and for some this is known as the year of bad luck. Luckily we don’t believe in superstition but only trust in our fate (together). Sure, we sometimes argue or disagree and discussions with you can be exhausting to an absolute limit of human existence BUT the truth is that I actually love how passionate you are about things that matter to you. And I love that you have morals, principals and values that you will defend no matter what. Because that only shows me what a loyal person you are and this characater trait is increasingly rare to find in someone. I love that you are such a wonderful father to our two little animals. And I love how much they adore you (of course they do, since you are giving them ANYTHING they want at ANY given time ;). You are incredibly kind and generous, know how to enjoy life and best of all, you eat anything that your failure of a housewife is cooking for you – el hamdullillah, I am thanking god every day for this! 

I know you would do anything for your family and that’s what makes it so easy for me to love you without compromises  – even if I don’t say or show it every day but I do – with or without moonlight, I want to grow grey, bold and old with you. Walahe Bahebek!

With love,

Your habebti 

Love Letter number 2:

To my dear little Bobi,

You are with us now for 3 1/2 years and I hope that by now you know that mummy loves you to the moon and back. You are such a kind little soul, just like your father and you are so sensitive, just like your mother. I know that things have not been easy for you recently – all of a sudden you have to be a big boy and mummy is constantly busy with this annoying little baby that you never asked for. I am sorry for evertime that I ask you to hurry or tell you “not now” or “later”. And I am sorry if sometimes I am angry, because I feel that you are trying to upset me on purpose, whilst all you may actually want is to get my attention. I am sorry for all the times where I am doing you wrong. But you know, it doesn’t mean that I love you less – in fact, with every day I love you more – regardless of how many brothers or sisters you have. And shall I tell you a secret, just between you and me? Nobody is perfect – not even mummies. So I hope you can have some patience with me, because I am learning day by day, trying to be a good mum. And I hope that one day you can be proud of me. 

Until then, I ask for your forgiveness if I make mistakes sometimes and I hope you can reciprocate only a little bit of the unconditional love that I feel for you. 

With love, 

Your mummy

Love letter number 3:

To my little baby Bodo, 

You are in fact not only my little baby but my little buddha. You have so cute chubby little thighs that I could just squeeze all day – and the best thing is that there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it. You inner peace sometimes makes me wonder how you can be my son – I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t carry you inside me until only a few months ago. When you came out, you looked like a belated twin of your big brother but you turned out to be one of a kind, bringing us so much joy already. I only wish that sometimes I knew immediately what might be bothering you. And when your stomach or teeth are hurting you, I wish I could make the pain all go away. And when I read the news, I wish I could protect you forever from all the evil in this world and trust me, as long as I live, I will do whatever I can to do so. 

My sweet little mini-monster, mummy loves you so much and I am convinced that you will continue to charm everyone around you with your big eyes and your beautiful smile. At least you already got your mummy wrapped around your tiny little finger. 

With love, 

Your mummy

Wow, when I started writing I didn’t know just how much of a schmaltz this was going to be but I guess this was long overdue. And if you think that the show will continue over dinner, I must disappoint you because let’s not pretend we are someone that we are not. So the boys will get their meat-feast pizza and mummy will kick back with the ladies, in order to combat the valentines expectations that yet still try to fight their way up year after year.

You wanna know, how the story will end? As romantic and cosy as every night, the four of us sharing a bed for two – what else could you wish for on the day of L.O.V.E.?!

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