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Repurposed: Our beautiful new living room decor

Needless to say that my (toddler)son is absolutely crazy about this "Disney Cars" drinking bottle, as most boys in his age would be.  Unfortunately the bottle can no longer be used for its original purpose, because the rubber band that you have to fit around the bottle neck before putting the lid, ripped, causing it… Continue reading Repurposed: Our beautiful new living room decor

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CLEAN – What was that again? 

In today's prompt, WordPress is encouraging all subscribed bloggers to post something around the following topic:  CLEAN. No problem, I can do that, even though I harldy remember what this word means. So I looked it up: CLEAN - it is a condition where something is free from dirt, marks, or stains. Isn't it ironic… Continue reading CLEAN – What was that again?